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Steel Core Copper is Strong As Steel

The stainless steel core in Copper gives it a serious strength advantage over plain copper. For example, it can be used at thinner gauges than ordinary copper, while at the same time providing improved mechanical performance. It can withstand high wind loads and heavy hail. And there’s less "oil canning" (buckling). Thinner. Stronger. Better.

It is 0.012" thick and tested according to Underwriters Laboratories’ test for "Impact Resistance of Roofing Materials," it achieved a "Class 4" rating, the highest possible classification.
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Erosion corrosion is a common cause of failure in fabricated architectural copper components. The stainless steel in Copper acts as a barrier that limits erosion corrosion where it susceptible to wear from concentrated water flow, especially in valleys, side walls or bends in rain drainage systems. So while it’s soft on the outside, it’s tough as nails on the inside.

This outperforms ordinary copper and it weighs significantly less. This can mean lower roof weight loads and less weight to handle. Features.
  • Can be fabricated into various shapes, including rectangles, squares and diamonds
  • Indirectly attached with concealed clips
  • Character is provided by extra texture and seaming patterns.
  • Adapts well to complex roof geometry and almost all rounded surfaces




Whether it solid Copper or Steel Core Copper the beauty is endless!